Sunday, 31 March 2019

Informer; a dark and amazing espionage journey

Informer; NOUN
a person who informs on another person to the police or other authority.

I’m a fan of deep, dark and complex tv shows; even more so if it involves espionage and spies. Informer is all of these shows rolled up into one and one hell of a show it is too.

Informers features scared and flawed characters as the heroes and the berated enemies de-joure; extreme jihadists' wanting to end our mindless but albeit comfortable existence. This is one show that weaves is web of lies, truths and everything in-between into your world as is leaves you wanting more.

As per usual with a UK production this is a six part series, which is just enough to tell the very deep story of each and every character in Informer, plus some.

When a show consistently gets around 80-85 percent out of 100, you know you are in for a real treat, no matter how dark and somber the journey is along the way.

Best of all, the entire series is available for free on iView catch-up in Australia. So strap yourself in for a deep dark and satisfying journey.

Watch now on iView

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