Sunday, 10 March 2019

After Life; A melancholy series that won't disappoint

After Life; the Netflix series written and directed by Ricky Gervais is simply amazing. If you are someone who likes a deeply meaningful story to have a beginning, middle and ending, then this is one for you.

After Life as a series has a purpose; it’s a show that demonstrates that it’s okay to be sad and even manically depressed at times as it all has a place, time and purpose. I’m certain that the countless amount of people (including myself) who are suffering or have suffered from depression will appreciate the thoughtfulness Ricky Gervais has put into writing this story.

Ricky’s acting is worthy of a gold medal, in my opinion. It strikes me as ironic that such a happy person can play a deeply suffering character with such conviction and commitment. Take note Hollywood; this is how fine acting is done.

After Life is on showing on Netflix now, if you are in a melancholy mood, this amazing show will accompany you along your journey.

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